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Natural Dietary Supplements

Gastown's first shop dedicated entirely

to mushroom-based health supplements


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Who We Are

Truffle is a business with a deep passion for mycology and the innumerable benefits that mushrooms can bring to our health and well-being.
Having witnessed and experienced these numerous benefits first-hand, we believe the supplements we carry can provide a viable naturopathic substitute for some more invasive, traditional medication. At Truffle, we are firm believers in self-healing through natural means.

Amongst our team are nutritionists and registered nurses with vast experience and knowledge in mushroom supplements. We can recommend which product best suits your needs, and suggest which quantity is best, based upon your preferred method of ingestion. 

With Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, Chaga, and many more natural mushroom supplements, we provide our customers with alternative, safe, and natural methods to heal themselves and improve their overall well-being.

Feel free to drop by our store and ask us for any recommendations. Alternatively, email us for any bookings with our naturopathic nurse!

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Marble Surface
trametes versicolor mushroom, commonly t

What are medical mushroom supplements?

It's no secret that the world of supplements has grown considerably in the last six years. From green tea to fish oil, vitamins, and minerals, you can find supplements for just about anything. More recently, medical mushrooms have made an impactful entrance into the realm of natural health


Heavily researched and used extensively across Asia and eastern Asia for thousands of years, medical mushrooms' pharmacological potential addresses countless aspects of our health and well-being.

Often delivered in capsule or powder form, these mushroom supplements are easily added to your daily routine and combine well with meals and smoothies. Although not a cure-all, mushroom supplements are known to boost your immune system, help prevent disease/cancer, reduce inflammation, and improve memory & cognition, to name a few.

While these mushrooms aren't known to have any negative side

effects when consumed in appropriate doses, we recommend customers consult with their physicians before adding these supplements to their diet (Or speak with our in-store nurse who can answer most of your questions).

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